Monday, June 16, 2014

League City Waterline Shutdown Planned - June 17 & June 24

“State Highway 3 -42” Waterline Shutdown/Water Restrictions: The on-going construction of the City’s largest water distribution facility, located at 18530 State Highway 3 in Webster, will require two major shutdowns of the 42” water line delivering approximately 80 percent of the City’s surface water supply. This construction-related activity is necessary for the installation of multiple isolation valves needed for construction to continue.

The shutdowns are scheduled to occur on Tuesday, June 17 and Tuesday, June 24 and are expected to last 10-16 hours each. Both dates are subject to change, based on weather or unforeseen circumstances.

In an effort to ensure regulatory compliant water service during each event, the City may enact the Stage 3 Emergency Water Shortage Conditions of the Drought Contingency Plan, beginning the day of each planned event lasting through the duration of work activity, until system operations are fully restored.

By Pamela Moore, Feature Blogger for Brockway Realty, LLC

Originally Posted on Brockway Realty LLC's Official Blog