Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kemah Picnic Parks Offer Shade & More to Visitors

Hugh Lazenberry and business partner, Shane Tallman, have enjoyed success in their new venue “The Kemah Lighthouse Maze” located in the Lighthouse District. Now, thanks to these gentlemen, anyone visiting the Kemah Boardwalk entertainment area can find a place to sit, enjoy a picnic lunch, and most importantly SHADE from the summer Texas Sun. Kemah Picnic Park has also been made possible by the kind support of area businesses sponsoring a palapa, a table, a palm, etc.

The Kemah Picnic Park will soon be complete and a grand opening ceremony will be held-no date at present. There will be three phases in this development; the first (and almost completed) phase is located at 409 Bradford Avenue, next to the Kemah Lighthouse Maze, in the Lighthouse District. Tables fitted with custom palapa umbrellas and benches are located throughout the park. Free Wi-Fi and outlets to recharge electronic devices, water fountains, ATMs, and a featured activity is also part of this unique plan.

This concept is a “no brainer” and has been a long-time coming, but thanks to Lazenberry and Tallman, visitors will have a place to regroup, recharge, and find shade from the extreme summer sun. You can follow the progress of the Kemah Picnic Parks through their Facebook page.

By Pamela Moore for Brockway Realty