Monday, July 8, 2013

Taylor Lake Village Announces Planned Repairs Began on June 17th

Taylor Lake Village Mayor, Jon Keeney, recently posted a notice to residents about long-awaited changes coming.  After working with Harris County, approval has been made to begin planned repairs in neighborhoods, City Hall and the TLV Park.

Construction began around June 17th with a completion estimate of 150 days later. The scope of work is the continuation of the street, sidewalk, and emergency staging area around City Hall. The city park will receive new roads and parking lot, an upgrade of the track, and drainage.  Trees of Houston have donated numerous trees to dress up the park.

The TLV Building Official has made affected homeowners aware of the pending construction and will keep them informed. A grant, written by a former member of the Taylor Lake Village Council, was instrumental in helping to get these repairs accomplished.

By Pamela Moore for Brockway Realty

As Posted on Brockway Realty's Official Blog.