Monday, February 23, 2015

The Evolution of the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce

Since 1948, the North Galveston County Chamber of Commerce had supported the communities of Clear Lake Shores, Dickinson, Kemah, League City, and many business members within those areas. An unexpected major announcement was made by the Board of Directors to dissolve the group, due to financial reasons, in July 2014.

The League City Chamber of Commerce was established in 1998 and served League City,Dickinson, Seabrook, Webster, Kemah, Nassau Bay, Clear Lake Shores, El Lago, Taylor Lake Village,Santa Fe,Texas City, San Leon and Clear Lake.

The League City Chamber welcomed former North Galveston County Chamber members and businesses in 2014, and the subject of a new name was approached. On January 2, 2015, the League City Chamber of Commerce name was changed to Bay Area Houston Regional Chamber of Commerce.  But there was controversy about the loss of “League City” brand in the distinctive group’s name.

After another month of discussion, the Chamber’s membership approved and announced the name “League City Regional Chamber of Commerce” as the final brand change to the community. Now that the Chamber has come to an agreement, business can move ahead for the year.

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By Pam Moore, Feature Blogger for Brockway Realty

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