Saturday, September 13, 2014

League City’s City Council Renames Countryside Park

City of League City News ~ “League City Council voted unanimously August 12, 2014 to rename Countryside Park to Lynn Gripon Park at Countryside.

Lynn Gripon was the first chairman of the League City Parks board. He was also instrumental in establishing both the League City Parks Board and the parks department. Mr. Gripon was chairman of the parks board when the first parkland was accepted by the City through a donation of 40 plus acres in the newly established Countryside North Subdivision, which later became Countryside Park. In 1980 when Lynn retired from the Parks Board, The Parks Board and Mayor and Council chose to name the walking trail through the Park for Lynn Gripon and so honored him at a Community gathering.

In 1978, Mr. Gripon was chairman of the first board of the League City Patrons of the Park Foundation Inc. A, 501(c)3, nonprofit organization for the securing of private donations of land and private funding for the paying of development costs for Parks and Recreation activities in League City. During 1979, While Lynn Gripon was chair of the League City Parks Board, a comprehensive, mandatory, parkland dedication ordinance was created. This ordinance is still in effect today providing funds derived from new development for parkland acquisition and development for League City.”

An excerpt from the official resolution: "Lynn Gripon was a lifetime advocate of natural beauty, land conservation and recreation activities within his community and was responsible for the donation of all of the oak trees west of State Highway 3 along FM 518, the trees at the Chester Davis Sportsplex, and at every school in League City during Arbor Day activities, and, along with Walter Hall, ensured that the original Butler Oaks throughout League City were preserved."

By Pamela Moore, Feature Blogger for Brockway Realty, LLC

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