Monday, May 12, 2014

‘The Sweet Life of Confectionery’ Opening Soon at Walding Station in League City

League City residents have been watching and waiting for change to come to (the now defunct) Perkins Station. New owners have revived the strip of buildings, located on Perkins Street and Main Street (FM 518) into Walding Station, across from League Park. The ‘anchor’ business is ‘The Sweet Life of Confectionery’ which is an ice cream parlour, candy factory and coffee shop.

When I stopped by Walding Station late in March, I spoke with individuals connected to ‘The Sweet Life of Confectionery’ and was told about an antique car display and the possibility of wine events. Remodel of the building has been longer than anticipated due to unforeseen circumstances, but according to those involved with the business, they are back to getting the business ready for opening soon. More information will come when they announce their opening day.

Brockway Realty blogged “New Businesses Receive Permits in League City in October” in December 2013.

By Pamela Moore, Feature Blogger for Brockway Realty, LLC.

Originally Posted on Brockway Realty LLC's Official Blog