Friday, May 9, 2014

Clear Creek ISD Exceeds State Expectations

The Clear Creek Independent School District and all 43 campuses scored well above the state’s standards regarding student achievement, student progress from year-to-year, closing the achievement gap, and postsecondary readiness.  

The State introduced a new accountability system based on four categories. The means in which each category is calculated by the State is complicated, but essentially a school and school district must have achieved a certain percentage in each area or higher to be recognized as a Met Standard district or school. The State utilized student performance on the STAAR exams, STAAR performance growth of specific student groups over two years, high school completion rates, and the percentage of students who graduate on the State’s Recommended and Distinguished plans to determine a campus and district rating. The District’s Performance Index Report, see below, demonstrates CCISD exceeded the State’s index score for student achievement by 38 points, the State’s index score for student progress by 17 points, closing the achievement gap index score by 25 points, and postsecondary readiness by 16 points. Nine campuses earned an academic achievement distinction in Reading/English Language Arts, seven campuses earned an academic achievement distinction in mathematics, and 17 campuses earned a distinction for student progress.  Distinction designations are awarded to the top 25% of campuses that are similar to each other from across the state.

Under the new Texas accountability system, a school and school district can only be rated as Met Standard or Needs Improvement. This is a departure from the traditional ratings of Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable and Unacceptable.

“While the names of the ratings have changed, our mission has remained the same, and that is to ensure all students graduate college and career ready,” said Dr. Greg Smith, Superintendent of Schools of the Clear Creek Independent School District. “This transition from TAKS to STAAR has been a herculean effort on the part of our teachers, students, and parents. Yes, the State’s system is confusing, but the simple message to walk away from on this report card is that we are not complacent; we will continue to meet the needs of all children, and raise our own expectations every year. That is the CCISD Way.” …”

To read the remainder of the CCISD Press Release, visit the CCISD webpage.

By Pam Moore, Feature Blogger for Brockway Realty

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