Saturday, November 2, 2013

“Fall Back” Daylight Savings Time Ends on Sunday, November 3rd

A friendly reminder from Brockway Realty, LLC:

Daylight Savings Time will end at 2am on Sunday, November 3rd, so don’t forget to set all your clocks back 1 hour. This is also a good time to replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide monitors.

According to the website Timeanddate.comTo fall back suggests that one must set the clocks one hour back when DST ends. It is associated with the fall (autumn) season because the DST schedule ends in the fall. The fall season and the end of daylight saving time mark a period when the days start getting shorter, with fewer hours of sunlight. Records have shown that the phrase spring forward, fall back has been in use at least as far back as early 20th century.”

By Pam Moore, Feature Blogger for Brockway Realty

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