Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Everyone’s Talking About Them – Mosquitoes!

Everyone in the Bay Area seems to have the “M-word” on their mind. You see discussions about them on social media; you hear about them on the local news; you personally experience their “bite”!  Mosquitoes!

A recent statement made by the Galveston County Mosquito Control office states: "We are aware of the current mosquito problem. We had a larger tidal hatch off that started on September 2nd on top of the hatch offs that started last week. Our crew will be working overtime to address the problem. We appreciate your patience."

If you live in Galveston County, you can search the Galveston County Mosquito Control’s website to see where they plan to send out trucks to spray or when they plan to do aerial spraying.  You may also contact them to request spraying in your neighborhood. There are also Mosquito Control offices in Harris County and Brazoria County.

My family has tried to fight the battle around our house by applying Cutter’s Backyard Bug Control in the front and back yards. Be aware, the mosquitos will be fighting back while you are holding the hose to apply the deterrent.

For personal protection, find the spray that works best for you, ‘eau de anti-mosquito cologne’; and try to shake them off before entering your home. I have not noticed any mosquito zappers in backyards lately; they are still available in stores. I even found indoor models during a recent online search. In the meantime, we will have to endure the infestation and wait for the first cold front to hit Southeast Texas.

By Pam Moore for Brockway Realty

Originally Posted on Brockway Realty LLC's Official Blog